Chess Tactics: Przepiorka — Cohn, 1907

Beware chess tactics when the king lacks defenders!

This seems like obvious advice, but it’s easy to let your guard down when there aren’t many pieces left. “Forget about chess tactics…it’s going to be an endgame soon, let me get ready for it…”

Just like in Uhlmann—Zwaig, chess tactics start with looking for checks, captures, and threats before considering other moves!

What should black do here?


Don’t let your guard down…and never assume all the chess tactics in a position have evaporated! A weaker player facing a stronger one might score a knockout because the higher-rated player doesn’t take the opponent seriously enough.

Remember: a player rated 200 points higher than his opponent should statistically score 76% — great, but nowhere near a certainty! Sit there and calculate as best you can, whether you are the favorite or the underdog.