How to Defeat a Superior Opponent! Advice for New Chess Players, Part 2

If you read my earlier post on Edmar Mednis, you know that How to Defeat a Superior Opponent is the title of the Hall of Fame Grandmaster’s 1989 book (effectively a reprint of his 1978 title How to Beat the Russians). The idea of defeating a stronger player appealed to a “weakie” like me, so I devoured Superior

Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures

Šahovski Informator is the long-time publisher of Chess Informant, Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Encyclopedia of Chess Endings, and many other references loved by chess players worldwide for over half a century. Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures (ECM) is one of those “other” reference titles. I’ll be upfront: at 50 USD one can say ECM is not essential, because it isn’t.