Chess Tactics: Cebalo — Flear, 1998

Glenn Flear
Glenn Flear. Photo: FIDE

Glenn Flear (born 1959) is an English Grandmaster (1987) and author of several books, including the highly-acclaimed Practical Endgame Play – Beyond the Basics: the Definitive Guide to the Endgames that Really Matter. I agree with the praise and recommend this work as well, but only for experienced players who love endings.

Flear famously won the GLC Chess Challenge at London 1986 ahead of a superstar field, as a last-minute replacement.


Today we’ll look at a nice finish by Flear from 1998. His opponent is Miso Cebalo (born 1945), a Croatian Grandmaster (1985) who won the World Senior Championship in 2009.

The White king is in a precarious situation. Black to play.



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