Chess Tactics: Rubinstein — Hromadka, 1923

An Instructive Mindset

Akiba Rubinstein
Akiba Rubinstein. Source: John G. White Collection, Cleveland Public Library

The game between Polish great Akiba Rubinstein (1880-1961) and Czech master Karel Hromadka (1887-1956) from Ostrava 1923 is instructive from a coaching perspective.

Both players aim to make stronger counterthreats to top the threats the opponent has made against him! It goes with something I constantly preach to my students: Don’t let your opponent bully you!

You want to grab and hold the initiative; in other words, you want to control the flow of the game and bend the opponent to your will.

How did White continue?

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When playing through the game and notes below, clicking on a move brings up the current board position.

Lead the Dance