Recommended Chess Links

Here are some links to consider visiting, listed alphabetically. This list will grow over time, but I will only add entities I feel comfortable endorsing.


ARVES Chess Endgamestudy Association: A fantastic resource for players and coaches interested in finding instructive endgame studies and biographical information about composers.

Chess Center of New York (CCNY): Tournaments run by International Arbiter and International Organizer Steve Immitt, who has mentored me and so many other tournament directors over the decades.

Chess in Motion: Headed by National Master Michael Ellenbogen, this is the go-to for chess programming in Westchester County, New York.

Continental Chess Association (CCA)For nearly 60 years, CCA has organized major chess tournaments around the United States that have given a start to so many players’ careers; founder Bill Goichberg is the brainchild behind the World Open, and the big National Scholastic tournaments that are so popular today.

Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE)The International Chess Federation. For a listing of upcoming international tournaments, official ratings of players around the world, news, information about the World Championship cycle, and links to FIDE’s commissions, this is the place to start.

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission (ARB): Arbiters and aspiring arbiters of FIDE-rated events should check this site regularly. It contains news and important updates to regulations.

Girls to Grandmasters (G2GM)A nonprofit organization founded by former top USA girls players Karsten McVay and Nicole Maffeo. Their mission is to introduce more girls and women to chess and keep them involved in the game long-term.

International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF): Established in its current form in 1951, ICCF is official (FIDE-recognized) correspondence chess (now primarily played via webserver), and organizes the World Correspondence Chess Championship. If you want to earn official titles in this branch of chess, start here.

Internet Chess Club (ICC)One of the pioneers of internet chess founded in 1995, ICC still hosts USCF-rated online tournaments. A great, free site to play chess at various time controls, and practice solving chess puzzles, among other resources.

Little House of Chess (LHoC)The main chess teaching and tournament directing entity I have proudly aligned myself with since 2007. Headed by International Arbiter and International Organizer Sophia Rohde, LHoC maintains a limited number of high-quality chess programs, and only hires very experienced teachers. If you want to start a chess program students and parents will love for years to come, contact them.

Marshall Chess Club (MCC): Founded in 1915 by longtime U.S. Champion and World Championship Challenger Frank Marshall, this is one of the oldest chess clubs in the United States, and most World Champions from Emanuel Lasker through Magnus Carlsen have walked through its doors. If you want to find out how good you really are at chess, this is the place to play.

New York State Chess Association (NYSCA): The organizing body for major chess events in New York State, including the annual New York State Championship (September) and New York State Scholastics (March). NYSCA also publishes Empire Chess magazine quarterly, to which I am a contributor.

NYChessNormsA new series of tournaments providing opportunities for IM and GM norms in New York City. Organized by Keith Espinosa and International Master Aleksandr Ostrovskiy, I am proud to serve as Chief Arbiter of these events.

OlimpBase: Wojciech Bartelski’s treasure trove of historical information and games mostly relating to team chess: Olympiads, World Team Championships, National team championships (4NCL, Czech Extraliga, German Bundesliga, USSR Spartakiads, etc.) and other prominent events such as the European Club Cup, Mitropa Cup, etc. You can also find individual events, too, and historical FIDE rating lists from 1971 to 2001. The site seems to have not been updated since 2018.

Premier ChessNational Master Evan Rabin is a longtime friend of mine; his company provides chess teaching and tournaments mostly in New York City, and also raises funds for charitable causes.

United States Chess Federation (USCF)The national chess federation for the United States, and publisher of Chess Life magazine.