For Organizers

As a FIDE Arbiter (FA) and USCF Associate National Tournament Director (ANTD), I can serve as Chief TD and/or Chief Arbiter of nearly any event you wish to run.

Remember: for FIDE-rated events in the United States to also be USCF-rated, your Chief Arbiter must be certified at either the Senior TD, Associate National TD, or National TD levels.

If FIDE title norms are available at your tournament, I will ensure all pre- and post-event reporting requirements are met. This includes registering the event with FIDE through the USCF office, submitting the event for rating by FIDE and USCF after it is over, and forwarding the correct paperwork (including any norm certificates).

I have vast experience directing large adult and scholastic tournaments as both floor TD and computer TD. I’ve served as Chief TD of many multi-sectioned events with 200+ players. If you have an interesting proposal, contact me.

Finally, I can set up and operate DGT boards for an additional fee.

Tournament management software used: SwissSys, Swiss-Manager

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