Which Chess Opening Move is Best? Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed 1.e4. I opined that the King Pawn universe is not for everyone. That begs the question: What About the Closed Openings? This is a much broader topic, because it includes basically everything except 1.e4! Still, there’s an obvious place to start. 1.d4 — Have it Your Way Generally, you’ll prefer

200 Modern Chess Traps in the Fianchetto Openings

A Book on Chess Traps that is Cheap, Abundant, and Still Useful 200 Modern Chess Traps in the Fianchetto Openings was written by J.B. Howson in 1970. As you might expect, the notation of choice is Descriptive. The author divides his material into three parts: Queen’s Side, King’s Side, and Miscellaneous. Looking through the chapters in each

The First Master Game I Studied

A Special Birthday Today is the 65th birthday of the man who taught me how to play chess — my dad. One Saturday night when I was eight years old, my dad was cleaning out the hallway closet of our family’s apartment. I noticed a folded chess board, similar to this one. I knew it