My Arbiter Journey: End of the Beginning

Prospective arbiters — read this! For everyone else, it may not be that exciting… Rekindled Ambition As recently as two years ago, I did not think I would pursue becoming a FIDE Arbiter or International Arbiter. I did pass a FIDE Arbiter seminar in 2010, and worked a few tournaments as a Deputy Arbiter in

Thoughts on Lichess and Others

A pleasant surprise Nearly a year ago, I said that I still preferred to play on the paid Internet Chess Club (ICC) because of the consistent good level of professional competition. I knew that GMs, IMs, and other strong players used Lichess, but I wondered if the site was merely had some really strong players,

Cheating in Chess Tournaments?

Cheating in chess tournaments is not very common. The vast majority of players don’t see value in winning a game through dishonesty and want the satisfaction of earning their successes. Still, we can’t put our heads in the sand — some people lack ethics, and there are issues to discuss. Cheating before the game The