My name is Andre Harding, author of the content here.

Andre Harding
Andre Harding

I began playing tournament chess in middle school, and began teaching during summers in my high school years. I became a full-time chess teacher in 2005 after graduating from Queens College (City University of New York).

Some of my credentials:

    • USCF Candidate Master
    • ICCF Correspondence Chess Master
    • FIDE National Instructor
    • FIDE Arbiter
    • USCF Associate National Tournament Director

In addition, I won the U.S. Expert Class Championship in 2009.

I’ve taught thousands of students chess, mostly in the New York City area. That instruction has taken place in homes, in schools (public, private, and charter), and online via Skype and Zoom.

On this blog, you’ll find posts on a range of chess topics including opinion pieces, book and product reviews, and game analysis. Also look for helpful information for scholastic and adult players, parents, school personnel, and tournament directors.

If you’re interested in taking lessons from me, having me teach your school program, or perhaps having me run your tournament, feel free to contact me: info@chess-essentials.com. I also give consultations for a fee.

Good luck and good chess!