The Levon Aronian Transfer: My Thoughts

Levon Aronian from ARM to STL!? When I first saw the chess24 tweet with news that Levon Aronian will switch federations from Armenia to USA, I seriously thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke! Then I realized it’s only February 26… Holy Crap. Of all top players, I never expected to see Aronian transfer from

Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures

Šahovski Informator is the long-time publisher of Chess Informant, Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Encyclopedia of Chess Endings, and many other references loved by chess players worldwide for over half a century. Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures (ECM) is one of those “other” reference titles. I’ll be upfront: at 50 USD one can say ECM is not essential, because it isn’t.

Chess Tactics: Radjabov — Naiditsch, 2003

Teimour Radjabov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1987. He was at one point the youngest grandmaster in the world, achieving the highest title in chess at the age of 14 years and 14 days (at that time, Bu Xiangzhi was the youngest GM ever, before Sergey Karjakin shattered the record in 2002). Radjabov began playing top

Which Chess Opening Move is Best? Part 3

In Part 1, we discussed 1.e4. Part 2 was all about 1.d4. Now it’s time to talk about the so-called Flank Openings. Since I have discussed 1.c4 previously, I’ll focus on other moves, starting with…   1.Nf3 — Definitely NOT for keeping things simple Unless you are married to 1.e4 until death-do-you-part, opening with 1.Nf3

No Playoffs for Round Robins!

Why do we need them? I’m not necessarily against mathematical tiebreaks for Swiss-System tournaments, especially scholastic events with trophies. For decades and longer, a high-level round robin would be held over multiple weeks, and at the end one or more players would emerge with the highest score. End of event. Only when indivisible prizes were